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Gypsy Romance 2
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Artist: Kay Boyce
Image Medium: Lithograph
Image Dimensions: 48 x 33
Art work Description:
Kay Boyce was born in Sheffield. As a child she would often spend hours at a time drawing on rolls of wallpaper; this was the beginning of her passion for drawing. Kay Boyce studied illustration at college before working as a Freelance Illustrator. She produced editorial work for Woman's Weekly, Bella, My Weekly, Sunday Express and Woman's Own. Boyce's illustration work has carried her through to major book publishers such as Hodder & Staughton, Wadsworth Romantics, Mills & Boon and Mandarin. Although Kay Boyce is proud of her achievement in commercial illustration her true vocation is as an artist. Boyce's career as an Artist has flourished; her pastel and pencil drawings have become instantly recognisable. Kay Boyce is often to be found working in her studio at her home in the Glyn Morlas valley, near Oswestry, with the background voices of Radio 4. It is her empathy for the female form in movement, combined with a love of original Victorian clothes and antiques which she collects that inspire her to produce the soft, yet sensual images that have become her trademark. There is a fine line between eroticism and sensuality and Kay Boyce achieves the right balance. Kay Boyce also draws inspiration, from famous works such as those by Edgar Degas, Botticelli and Alma Tasimer: their use of composition and how they portray the texture in their materials intrigue her. Kay Boyce rarely titles her images herself, although there is one particular title that holds a place in her heart: 'Little Lizzy', this is the pet name her Father gave her when she was a young girl.

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