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Motion and Stillness
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Artist: Sasha Rogers
Created On: 2009
Image Medium: acrylic on canvas
Image Dimensions: 81 x 81 inches
Art work Description:
As a child growing up on the Prairies, I always felt like a spec in a vast magnificent playground. All of my paintings have their roots in this primal experience. I am constantly reflecting on the delicate and strong balance of the earth’s equilibrium. At its greatest micro level, the universe could be imagined as endless numbers of suspended particles. Measured by itself, each spec is nothing, but a collection of specs produces something astounding. The beauty that surrounds us each day is simply an arrangement of particles. Painting is in its physical and material nature also just suspended particles: pigments; binders, and, water. It is the complex and layered expressions of these materials in the hands of the artist that can give expression to notions of the physical and evocative realities of the world around us. These paintings are contemplations exploring the outer world with an inner eye. The earth is never the same two days in a row. Although the seasons and cycles may seem similar from day to day these arrangements and relationships are in a constant state of flux- movement of water, flux of weather and a complex layering of air, atmosphere and light shifts of movement and stillness, the calm and the restless. The suggestive and the descriptive co-exist, the imagery is both elusive and real. The spaces are sometimes simultaneously positive and negative voids; translucent and solid, perspective is above and below, things are hidden and visible. The more monumental scale of this latest series of paintings has become a critical part of their expression. They are intentionally human-scaled, rendered to the average height of an individual, 70”x70”. The paintings are the largest I have ever done. In this series of paintings, I struggled with space in a very different way. I wanted to not so much bear witness to ‘Place’ with all its complex associations of space, atmosphere and light but to enter the space to become a part of the painting. In this expression the complex layering of paint alludes to history, ancient cave paintings, and hieroglyphics, even the shifting mists of the Arctic. In the play of paint the paintings can be both haunting and serene. Every Place has a spirit to it. The spirit is the seen and unseen suspended particles of matter in a poetic dance. Spirit is the collective experience of a place, the people who have inhabited a place, the atmospheric conditions of a place, its natural history, and how light plays in the space. Within the description and play of the process of building a painting somehow Spirit is invited into a work of art by leaving room for it. This is not something the artist can specifically describe. Understanding the universe through science and spirit makes for poetry.

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