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Beach House Blues 107cm x 81cm
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Artist: Ryan Davis
Image Medium: Acrylic on Linen
Image Dimensions: 107cm x 81cm
Art work Description:
‘By the Seaside’ Exhibition of paintings by Ryan DAVIS Ryan’s current collection of works titled “By the Sea Side”, has been heavily influenced by the late and early impressionists of Europe. Obtaining a degree in three-dimensional design from the University of Newcastle in England, Ryan’s technique was further developed whilst traveling throughout Europe and studying the works of such artists as Monet, Constable and Dali. “By the Sea Side” is a range of works inspired by the post impressionists caught in the cusp of Pop Art. Further inspired by twentieth century beach culture; washed with a touch of Pop Art, Ryan creates a range of painting of big blue skies with everyday beach life and people having fun. Born in England in 1972, Ryan and his family came to Australia on an ocean liner called “The Australia” on a family ticket costing 26 pounds. Growing up in Dandenong, Ryan soon developed a love for art from a very young age. By the age of seven he was drawing in his sketch books at every chance. Throughout this body of work we can see a heavy influence of Australian landscape and culture. However, Ryan’s technique also shows the refinement and control of the European classics that he observed and learnt from whilst studying in England. “A large influence for this exhibition has come from observing the works of Jeffrey Smart. His clean palette and fun subject matter has drawn me to push my work into a similar surreal arena.” For the last three years Ryan has been exhibiting work in Melbourne. He is also a commission artists who has done works for companies such as Paint Right, and numerous bars and cafes and private collectors. Artists quote: “I believe a painting should not be placed on a wall to fill a space, but to inspire the onlooker, to evoke thought and feeling, and record times gone by.”

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