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Woman of Namibia
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Artist: Dianne Coulter
Created On: 1995
Image Medium: ceramic with paint, wax, rusted metal, wooden sticks
Image Dimensions: 94 x 150 x 45 cm
Art work Description:
I suspect it is the human figure that is the real basis of her work. Two recent and very expressive depictions of African women plus a comment by the artist, ‘ I seem to have taken a circuitous route back to faces and figures again,’ support the notion that this where her heart lies. One figure stands tall and erect, with a headdress of real cloth swathed as a turban, the pattern of her dress scratched and painted onto the clay. The other, a bust, depicts a quietly dignified woman balancing a load of firewood on her head – the head dress a piece of rusted iron found in a paddock and the firewood, real sticks collected on the artist’s property at Allandale. To the artist, working in her studio in the Australian countryside, it is perfectly clear why she is depicting an African woman. As she muses, ‘This is the world we live in. It ties in with what’s happening in the world.’ The plight of the women of Darfur is known to us all. Dianne Coulter has travelled widely in Asia and Europe, lived in France, sailed from Australia to Indonesia, visited Bali frequently, lived in New Guinea – all the time mindful of the people. She handles clay with the same sense of adventure she has brought to her travels, depicting with imagination and humanity the wide range of characters she has observed. extract from essay by Ken Scarlett, 2006

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