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Artist: Balaji Ponna
Created On: 2008
Image Medium: Oil and soot on canvas
Image Dimensions: 182.8 x 243.8
Art work Description:
B L A C K - S M O K E Re- Imagining nation through popular grids of geopi –ety /ty Balaji’s use of specific visual devices, grids, frames, photography, text, repetitive compositions and attempts at subversion can be read as the post modern tools of visual articulations. His usage of soot serves as a formal aesthetic device and a definitive signifier. Balaji’s works are “textual” and it is here that Balaji’s earlier engagement with the popular sign boards and vehicle paintings come to the fore. The texts in his paintings are themselves the titles of the paintings, often relating directly to the visuals and bringing in contradiction/oppositions within the paintings. The text acts more as a pun and are supported visually where the texts are erased or opened up for play by use of soot. “My present work titled, ‘Black – smoke’ series is the result of nearly my year long indulgence and preoccupation with this concept, along with sly humor which has been an intrinsic part of my work, since my early days. The titles of my works are significant acts, in themselves for through them, I cajole people to look and observe my work in a specific manner, sometimes, like almost filling in a blank. Though the humor in my work might seem overt, it operates in a more subtle and ironic manner often laced with serious sub context, I usually engage with concepts, which are part of popular usage, making them more accessible, for example: ‘Diwali for some body, disaster for so many’, ‘India is great, But I am not’. Initially, I was interested in transforming the forms which I taken from my immediate life, but now I try to keep the form intact and juxtapose it with text to generate multiple possibilities and meanings. The fusion of verbal and visual intentions is a valid means of achieving my communicative intentions.” – Balaji Ponna. The Guild 02/32, Kamal Mansion, 2nd floor, Arthur Bunder Road,Colaba Mumbai 400005 + 91 22 2288 0116 / 0195 admn office : +91 22 2287 5839 /6211 fax + 91 22 2287 6210 www.guildindia.com , www.theguildny.com Time : 10.00 am - 6.30 pm

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