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Sample Gallery/Dealer Art Work - Dagmar De Pooter

The work of a sailor
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Artist: Jan De Pooter
Created On: 2007
Image Medium: wood, sand, verf
Image Dimensions: 7x3m
Art work Description:
Jan De Pooter appears to be drawn towards desires and illusions, but the dominant theme in his work is in a sense quite realistic and down to earth. All of these illusions are not his own. His work does not come across as exceptionally laconic. He says himself that the only “fresh” work he’s ever made is a bathtub, filled with blue water, in which, under the water line, a copper boat portal is mounted. It is indeed a truly artistic idea. Imagine you’re in the bath and stick your head under water: you suddenly have the feeling of being in an underwater yacht, or some kind of home submarine. Everything seems to go well, as long as you don’t believe too strongly in this illusion and attempt to open the portal. The result would be that the bath water would immediately drain and you’d have to go mop it up. Which brings us to the imposing black boat, that nomadic dream project he has challenged himself with. You don’t load this leviathan casually on a ‘remorque’, as you would a sailboat from a boat shop. This is the project of a great tinkerer, who knows how to take on a hundred and one technical problems. Mounting, dismounting, transporting, remounting, storage. The spectator takes it all in. His ship has something somber about it, something inaccessible. The Ship of Doom! Le Bateau Lavoir! La Lugubre Gondola! You can make it as romantic or dramatic as you like, but in no respect is this a vessel for a summer pleasure cruise along the Galgenweel. Whoever wishes to travel with this will have to be satisfied with the most rudimentary of comforts and place his fate in the hands of its

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