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Translucence Cultural_installation
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Artist: vagaram choudhary
Created On: 2008
Image Medium: metal
Image Dimensions: 90 cm x90 cm x90cm
Art work Description:
Our rich culture stems from the most ordinary day-to-day elements in use yet imparts an influence so great that not only leaves generations venerating its ingenuity and wisdom but also practicing it, albeit in pockets. I seem to draw strength from such tidbits of our vast cultural fabric as they tend to express my deepest influences through small format forms integrated into my individual works of art. Motifs like the tribal tattoo symbols, icons of wisdom like the elephant, folklore and artistry are depicted; at times in my elemental form, and at times as part of a deeply analytical study that is tastefully preoccupied with questioning narration. The artists' maturity in my work tends to evasively seep through the medium as their inner scuffle with the subject and its diabolic impressions is expressed through repetitive precedents intriguingly finding place 'in the now'. A variety of art forms and styles are borrowed from and subtle influences can be detected. I am greatly inspired by the miniature paintings and borrow heavily the decorative aspect by using gold as the icon of richness – inherent to Indian culture. A beautiful culmination of the old and the new – the seen and the yet-to-be-experienced, symbolic of the changing cultural ethos and societal pressures, albeit with a tinted view – where one sees the beauty beyond the distress of everyday living.

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