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Clouds into the Empty House
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Artist: Yi Xing Ma
Created On: 1994
Image Medium: oil on canvas
Image Dimensions: 220x150cm
Art work Description:
This huge surrealistic scene reminds me of a calmer version of a Salvador Dali painting. At first glance, you think it is a woman coming out of a doorway. The sharp shadow on the left, and the shadow, cast by the broken window that she is holding up, tricks the eye into thinking that there is a building, but when you look more closely, there is no building, at all. Her body stretches through the broken window, and you see that the clouds are in the sky, coming from the opening, in back of her, and in the window that she is holding up, which casts a shadow on a wall that is not there. The horse looks on as if looking into the lens of the camera: his proportions, distorted. The composition and creativity of this piece are made even more impressive by its size, measuring 220 by 150 cm, so that the woman is actually life-size. Yi Xing Ma has been described as being influenced by the German Constructivists and American Pop Art, but you can see that his roots trace back to artists, like Braque, Picasso and Dali. Whatever the influences, he has developed his own style, and there is always an interesting twist or two in the paintings of Yi Xing Ma, but we especially like this one. This piece will be dismantled and rolled for shipping. Please call or email for further details about acquiring this interesting piece by one of China's hottest artists.

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