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Haystack and Mountain
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Artist: Meng Liu
Created On: 1997
Image Medium: oil on canvas
Image Dimensions: 35x27cm
Art work Description:
The haystack has been an object of studies for many artists, beginning, at least, with the Impressionists, particularly, Monet. I have even owned several others, in the past, by American Impressionists: one by the 19th century artist, Daniel Santry, and another by the 20th century artist, Eliot Clark; I also own another one, now, by Dapu. The Santry painting was dark and serious, using golds and dark reds. The Clark painting had more of an Impressionist's bright-colored palette with a bright almost electric-blue sky with yellow streaks from a setting sun. This one by Meng Liu goes even more towards the both Impressionist's palette and technique. He uses colors that are more to the green-blue-red-violet part of the palette, and it is done in a pointillist style. Moreover, while most of the haystack works that we have seen have the haystack, somehow, dominating the scene, in this one, the haystack is placed in front of a mountain, appearing as a smaller repetition of the mountain, or is it the other way around. The painting is small enough, 35 cm by 27 cm, that we can ship it stretched and already framed, which is included in the price quoted, here.

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