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Little Bridge
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Artist: Xin Min Xuan
Created On: 2007
Image Medium: oil on canvas
Image Dimensions: 80x60cm
Art work Description:
As someone who has never been to China, you might not see the subtlety that makes this scene so typically modern-day Chinese. The template for housing, in China, in the latter part of the twentieth century through today, has been these sorts of boxy houses of any number of stories with flat roofs, upper-floor terraces, and overhangs. Most are made of poured concrete and rebar, building floors and columns, one stage at a time, and, then, filling in the walls with bricks. Sometimes, the outsides are also finished off with tiling. Especially, here, in the south of China, many towns are built around rivers and streams, and we always love to take walks along the river walks. There are always boats on the water, from large to small, and some of our favorite scenes are the old houseboats, moored along the rivers. Born in 1959, in Anhui Province, Xin Min Xuan is currently the head of the drawing department of the Guangzhou University Fine Arts Academy. His works are included in many books about fine arts and have been collected by the Chinese Art Museum. This work displays his understanding of light, shadow and reflection from the water, and done with masterful and bold brushstrokes. It measures 80 cm by 60 cm, and it will be dismantled and rolled for shipping. Please call or email us for further details.

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