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Graceful Woman
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Artist: Yi Xing Ma
Image Medium: oil on canvas
Image Dimensions: 100x80cm
Art work Description:
They say girls like horses, and Yi Xing Ma has juxtaposed women and horses in several of his paintings. This one reminded me of Salvador Dali's portrait of Abraham Lincoln, not because it is exactly like it but because it plays tricks on the eye, like that one does. In Lincoln by Dali, if you are close to the painting when you first see it, you do not notice Lincoln; if far away, you don't notice the girl, in the painting by a window. In this one, you notice the girl and the horse, immediately, because they both have presence and color, but, at first, it might make you miss the rest of the subtleties of the cubic-constructive style of the piece. The archway is really not an arch of a door or window, appearing only at the top. A walled city borders the lower portion of the painting, while the background seen through the archway, in the upper portion is subtly divided into a number of different fragments. The horse bridges several, but he is not totally in the picture. Even the girl's hair is partly buried into one of the panels, as though she has just come through from one of these parallel universes to come into ours. All in all, it is a beautifully done piece and, once again, demonstrates the artist's mastery of the cubist-constructivist form of painting. The painting measures 100 cm by 80 cm, and will be dismantled and rolled for shipping.

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