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Old Barnyard
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Artist: Zhao Qian Xu
Created On: 1996
Image Medium: oil on canvas
Image Dimensions: 100x80cm
Art work Description:
This painting of an old barnyard appeals to me on several levels. I grew up in the Pennsylvania Dutch area where scenes like this are typical: there was even an old farm next to my grade school, and we would play in the cornfields, on the way home. Then, in the 1990's, I restored an 18th century farm and turned it into an inn, and in the art collection that I had at the inn, I had a 19th century painting of a barnyard scene from England, much like this one. The point is that this scene could be anywhere in the world, and it reminds us of the simpler life that existed years ago but that it still exists, in some places, even today, from China to Europe to America. What's more, we are all attracted to that simpler life, and we are reassured by its existence. In this painting, Zha Qian Xu has created a timeless piece that transcends borders and boundaries, and, even though, the scene is confined to a small area, it takes our minds to so many more places both within and without. This painting, which measures 100 cm by 80 cm, will be dismantled and rolled for shipment. Please contact us by phone or by email for more details.

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