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Mediterranean Harbor
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Artist: Jin Ming Lee
Created On: 2004
Image Medium: oil on canvas
Image Dimensions: 100x80cm
Art work Description:
Who would have thought that I would travel to China, only to find a harbor scene from my native Mediterranean region? As you may not know, the Chinese are fascinated by other cultures, as they have had limited contact with them during much of the last century. Chinese artists who have been around for the last several decades are lucky, and some have gone abroad to study, to work, or to stay. Therefore, you might just as well get a scene from China or from somewhere else, in the world, from a contemporary Chinese artists. This harbor scene from the Mediterranean Sea by Jing Ming Lee is a charming example. Having been born in Hong Kong, Jing Ming Lee is one of the more international of the modern Chinese artists and has achieved a good amount of international recognition. Moreover, his painting techniques are comparable to any artists that you might come across in Europe or the U.S. Indeed, the brushwork, in this piece, is simply amazing, either up close or at a distance, and the picture of the painting could never hope to do it justice. This scene measures 100 cm by 80 cm. It will be dismantled and rolled for shipping. Please call or email for further details about acquiring this tranquil Mediterranean scene.

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