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Hillary Clinton Makeover
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Artist: Ri Dong Ou
Created On: 2008
Image Medium: oil on canvas
Image Dimensions: 130x133cm
Art work Description:
Talk about pop culture! In this painting, Ri Dong Ou has captured the essence of the "new" Hillary Clinton, complete with her standard bright orange pant suit (perhaps Ou also watches Saturday Night Live), her new smile (not the "Seven Sisters" smile from her husbands presidency), and her new body language with raised arms to make an emphatic point (that body language seems to me to be borrowed from the Pope). It is made even more interesting because body language, in China, has not caught up with the present day body language of the West. For example, any time some one has their picture taken, they invariably flash the peace sign from the 1970's with two fingers held up (or the Victory sign from the 1940's: I can never quite get a proper answer about what it means, here, except to say that everybody does it). The hand language for "emphasis", the hand is brought up and the fingers closed against the thumb, which was more the emphatic body language, in the West, in the 1950's. To say "hi", people shake their heads up, not down (as in the nod), another of the earlier modes of "greeting" body language, in the West, although both ways are still used, today. Thus, it is particularly interesting that Ou has focused on one of the main body language devices that Mrs. Clinton used on her presidential campaign trail. We like this painting for what it is (and, certainly, not because we like Clinton): a contemporary piece of pop culture art, which becomes even more interesting in that it comes as seen through the eyes of an artist, living in China, who has, nevertheless, focused on the very essence of the new image that Mrs. Clinton has been trying to project. It measures 130 cm by 133 cm, and will be dismantled and rolled for shipping. Call or email to arrange the details of acquisition.

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