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Typhoon Tomorrow
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Artist: Xin Min Xuan
Created On: 2007
Image Medium: oil on canvas
Image Dimensions: 160x130cm
Art work Description:
Sometimes the power of painting is in the honesty that it portrays. It is that honesty and simplicity that attracts us to folk art or folk subjects, in fine art. Fishing for a living is a hard life. The hours are long, one is confined to a small space, off of terra firma, subject to the whims of weather and the fish that make ones livelihood. In this striking commentary on the lie of the fisherman, we see the type of lone fisherman who makes up the mainstay of the fishing population, in the world, enjoying some time at the end of the day, relaxing a bit before he unloads his day's haul, knowing that a typhoon will keep him from going out to ply his trade, in the days to come. As head of the drawing department of Guangzhou University Fine Arts Academy, Xin Min Xuan is especially expert at potrayring facial expressions and body language. In this painting, he has captured the resignation of the simple fisherman to the whims of mighty nature that are in the cards for the coming days: nothing to do but relax, enjoy a cigarette, and rest up, while he can, for after the storm, it will be hard work, again. Measuring 160 by 130 cm, it is a portrait that draws you in to want to know more about this man and his way of life. It will be dismantled and rolled for shipping. Please call or email for further details about price and shipping.

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