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Sample Gallery/Dealer Art Work - J.E. Smith Gallery

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Artist: Angie Reed Garner
Created On: 2009
Image Medium: oil on canvas
Image Dimensions: 50.8 x 162.6
Art work Description:
From the artist: There aren’t many women in Abu Dhabi. The citizens number only about 15% of the population and favor boys. Most of the expat workers aren’t permitted to bring their families into the country, and most are male. When not working we tend to group strongly by place of origin so it’s fascinating when our spheres overlap. This happens at the Emirates Palace, where Emiratis and middle class expats might go to see art exhibits, also at grocery stores. Another place is in the malls, and that’s where it can get the most interesting. Everyone does their thing, whatever that is, right in front of everyone else and on purpose. That means south Asian women in saris and shalwar kameez, middle-aged tanned and blonded Australian women in defiantly skimpy beach nightclub getups, Emiratis in black abayas and shaylas, faces veiled, masked or neither, trailed by women from Malaysia or Nigeria who carry their shopping bags. British women in painfully tasteful clothes you’d have to think to notice, also trailed by a domestic worker wrangling the children if there are any in play. Americans are harder to spot as we aren’t clear types, but the one sure tipoff? Buddy Holly-style glass frames. I’ve yet to see a woman of any other nationality sport them there (I have a pair). There’s no punch line, other than to note we all fight such completely different battles, and are as a rule all hardened to the suffering of women who suffer differently than we do. Some women struggle to be positioned to stop working, marry and have a family. Others fight to be permitted to escape that fate and establish other personal and professional identities. What we all have in common is that our fates are strongly entailed by the shape of our plumbing.

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