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Artist: Josephine Flynn
Created On: 2007
Image Medium: wood, paper, monitors, DVD players, sound equipment
Image Dimensions: 340 x 100 x 100
Art work Description:
Josephine Flynn's work is concerned with what she calls the 'lower aesthetics'. She uses and manipulates found images that somehow form a part of our all-embracing consumer culture, and manages to endow them with a new meaning by integrating them into often hilarious narratives, that are autobiographical as well as being critical of the art itself and its medial usage. Working with images of historic and political celebrities, such as George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler, and of banal everyday objects, such as pens, Nurofen tablets and tin foil shaped like human excrement, Flynn's films offer a playful and seemingly naìˆve (and often rather coarse) take of the images and symbols around us. Yet, the self-referenciality of these films reveals them as a carefully crafted deconstruction of the strategies and hierarchies of our communication. Josephine Flynn's work is outrageous and funny, sometimes embarrassing and always entertaining. Through her anarchic creativity, she fuses the political with unbearable cheesiness, the bold with subtle observations. For this exhibition, her first in Germany, Josephine Flynn is building the sculpture CocktailtotemTVkebabstick, an installation of three monitors on a cocktail stick, complete with a super-sized gherkin on top. Several of her recent films will be on show as part of this installation. Josephine Flynn was born in Leigh, Greater Manchester, in 1975. She gained an MA Fine Art from Sheffield Hallam University in 2006 and a BA (Hons) Fine Art from Leeds Metropolitan University in 1998. In 2005 Flynn was in the Bloomberg New Contemporaries and she recently showed at Ryan Gander's Associates Gallery in London (http://www.associatesgallery.co.uk ); she has a forthcoming show at International 3 in Manchester (http://www.international3.com) later this year. The exhibition of Josephine Flynn's work will continue until the 04 August 2007.

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