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Sample Gallery/Dealer Art Work - Kunsthandel henk van der Kamp

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Artist: Marcelle Hanselaar
Created On: 1976
Image Medium: oil on board
Image Dimensions: 50 cm x 50 cm
Art work Description:
Marcelle Hanselaar was born in Rotterdam 1945, Holland and travelled extensively in Asia and Europe before finally settling down in her studio in London, England. Although she studied at the Royal Academy, the Hague ( 1962-'64 ) and at the Rijks Academy, Amsterdam ( 1977-'78 ), in oil painting she is entirely self-taught. In 1993 and again in 1995/96 Hanselaar was invited to teach painting at the S.W.Teaching University, Chongqing, China, she also taught drawing at Sotheby's Educational Institute, London from 1989-'99. In 1997 Hanselaar got interested in etching and did a B-Tech in printmaking at Kensington & Chelsea College in 2001. Marcelle Hanselaar's early painting ( 1979-90 ) was abstract but in 1992, after a personal crisis her work became completely figurative. Her earlier abstract concerns regarding space and form mixed with expressionist boldness and emotion makes Hanselaar's work resolutely contemporary. Recently, due to a renewed interest in drawing, she has developed a narrative style in her etchings and some small oils as well. Member of the Royal Society of Painter/Printmakers (ARE) and of The London Group. Press and bibliography (recent): Catalogue to All of me, text by Morgan Falconer, East West Gallery, London 2001; Don't miss, Galleries Magazine, November 2001; The Jackdaw, Nov. 2001; Catalogue to Art, Age & Gender, May 2002; Catalogue to Contemporary British Art, the Millinery Works, London, Jan. 2003; Sight Specific ...,What's On in London 29/1/03; Catalogue of Grafiek Nu 10, Biennale Nederlandse Grafische Kunst, Jan. 2003; Kunst aus London, Westdeutsche Allgemeine, 15/2/03; Provokante Pinselstriche, NRZ Essen 19/2/03; Catalogue to New Hall Art Collection, 3rd ed. Cambridge; Hanselaar takes a bow, Printmaking Today, Spring 2003; Catalogue to Wrexham Print International, April 2003; Catalogue to Biennale Int. d'estampe cont. de Trois-Rivieres, June 2003; La Biennale int. d'estampe prend son envoi Le Nouvelliste, 16/6/03; Marcelle stoot door, Stan Huygens journaal, De Telegraaf, 4/6/03; Catalogue to Sons & Mothers, June 2003; Sons & Mothers, List magazine, August 2003; Catalogue to Sometimes I dream about reality, text Laura Gascoigne, East West Gallery, London Sept. 2003; Marcelle Hanselaar by Jilly Szaybo, Galleries Magazine, Sept. 2003; Expressions of Restraint by Morgan Falconer, What's on In London, 10/9/03; What's on..., The Hill, Sept. 2003; Reflections of an artist's dream, Kensington Times, 24/9/03; Catalogue to Uncanny Tales, text Jane Neal, Galerie de Buytensael, Arnhem, Holland, Oct 2003; Mensen, maskers en de beest erachter.. Hoog en Laag, 8/10/03; Uncanny Tales, er hangt iets dreigends in de lucht, De Gelderlander, 7/10/03; Uncanny Tales, groeps expositie, Tableau Fine Arts Magazine nr.5, Nov. 2003; Griezelige Verhalen, Opzij, Nov. 2003; Heroes & Villains, Printmaking Today, Autumn 2004; Catalogue to Uncanny Tales, touring Belgium/Uk, 2005-07; Catalogue to Wrexham Print International 2005; Catalogue to 5th Biennale de Gravure, Liege, Belgium; Catalogue to The London Group, Bankside Gallery, London; 23/4/05 The Guardian, Preview Uncanny Tales; 30/4/05 The Guardian Guide; Pick of the week Uncanny Tales, Swansea; June 2005 Galleries: Thumbnails 'La Petite Mort'; July 2005 The Hill: Preview best of the month: Dutch etchings La Petite Mort'; Catalogue to Unladylike, Sept. 2005; Catalogue to Biennale Int. de Gravure cont. de Trois-Rivieres; RE Directory 2005

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