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Artist: Venini / Barovier
Created On: 1920's - 1950's
Image Medium: Glass
Image Dimensions: 30.5
Art work Description:
An extremley rare Venini twisted glass rope Hand Mirror with gold threading running through the centre of the glass. I have seen a similar one sold asattributed to Carlo Scarpa and a similar table mirror as Barovier. This particularly fine mirror having a precise thread with turned handle for which to be held in the left hand. The shaped floating mirror having green felt on the back and held in place by 2x gilt metal clips. There is no signature which is not unusual and dates to the first half of the 20th century. Condition is very good no breaks etc… there is evidence that the gilt coloured paint to hide the plaster which holds the glass to the metal is peeling a little on the bottom (one side), this is in no way detrimental and can be easily rectified and we are happy to do this for a client if required at no extra cost. 12 inches (30.5 cm) Length X 5.75 inches (14.5 cm) Width CARLO SCARPA (1906 - 1978) Scarpa created his first pieces very early when he was still a boy, working for cappellin during the twenties. later, at the beginning of the thirties he moved to venini's. scarpa sculpted with glass, he used it as a condensation of impressions and colors, a challenge to the senses, the product of alchemy and a certain theatricality. with venini, scarpa applied himself to developing a vast range of techniques: 'filigrana', 'opalini ', 'lattimi ', 'murrine', sommersi ' ... his inventions quickly became the hallmark of venini's entire output during the thirties and forties.

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