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Sample Gallery/Dealer Art Work - CLINT ROENISCH

"Darboral (and the maintenance of a practice field)" Installation view
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Artist: Massimo Guerrera
Created On: 2006
Image Medium: Various
Image Dimensions: Dimensions variable
Art work Description:
Darboral is an amalgamation of the words "art," "arborescence," and "orality" each of which plays a role in Guerrera's work. The installation combines carpets, makeshift furniture, sculpture, photography, drawing and performance in a finely calibrated, custom environment that morphs its shape with each progressive version. The environment Guerrera creates is meant to evoke the possibility or the notion of a 'universal body-being' (corps-ĂȘtre). To this end the artist initiates collective and individual meetings, by invitation or by chance ("Unspecified Rendez-Vous") in which the development of human relations and corporeal awareness becomes paramount. The gallery is covered with modified rugs that serve as both a softening platform for the artist's sculpture and performance as well as slowing down the viewer by requiring them to remove their shoes for the experience. Sculptural objects are often the result of direct, physical impressions taken from previous encounters, food is offered as oral sculpture, drawings and photographs depict figures in communal settings of benign dissolution and plastic containers and insulation panels become metaphors for transparent membranes, vessels, plenitude and envelopment. In a previous incarnation of Darboral, for instance, the artist served olives (among many other offerings) housed within a ceramic sculpture of his devising. The oil from the olives seeped into the ceramic surface and became the patina for the work. The intimacy of the encounter was recorded in formal photographs. The olive pits were also saved after having been "washed" in the mouths of visitors and were then planted in soil which was housed in other sculptures. Seedlings have since sprouted from the sculptures. These instances of transformation, absorption, transience and exchange are at the core of the Darboral project.

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