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New Worlds
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Artist: The Golem
Created On: 2007
Image Medium: Multi medial
Image Dimensions: variable
Art work Description:
The fairy tale of the one and only world Once upon a time, it began with a thought, A cosmic thought. It then became larger It then became boring. Then he devised himself a world. This world did not hold for a long time. There upon he devised another world, one after another and further worlds followed. There are still many worlds up to this day. Every single one of the new worlds became somewhat different than the previous one, sometimes even some what better. This world had something amusing - humans. So that the thought did not have to carry the guilt, and whole debt alone, it offered humanity a chance to alike the creator. Though not imperfectly! You can change it for the better, if you like. Do we obtain admission, and the passage into another world at the end? For a little diversity and change, the thought promised humanity that a travel guide would come, or has he already arrived ? If we are nice to the travel guide, it will take the full responsibility for us, and a pleasant journey into the next world will be made possible. To put some spice in to the game he divided humanity into groups, for whom the same promises are made. Further the travel guide is given many important names. Only he occupies this position sovereign. Where upon the different groups, convinced by the uniqueness of their travel guide, engage in war, and hostility with each other. Due to this fact, again they missed to see that this world must be replaced. Here one does not repair – here a new attempt is started. Such a large thought is only a large thought. Waiting for a new world - and hope that next one will turn out. Up to then: New worlds from the Golem for creating, inventing, hatching or reject.

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