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Sample Gallery/Dealer Art Work - INFLIGHT

The suggestions were well received by the opposition parties (Paul Lennon 2006)
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Artist: Jamin
Image Medium: Enamel on Aluminium
Image Dimensions: 120 x 120
Art work Description:
This painting was exhibited as part of the "...text me" exhibition at Devonport Regional Gallery, curated by Ellie Ray. The exhibition showcased INFLIGHT Gallery and a selection of some of the artists that have shown there over the past few years. This work by Jamin depicts the Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon embedded with a quote from parliament by the Premier where he states "Tasmania: a state of conspiracy perhaps [laugh], or perhaps we could even have Tasmania: the mates rates place, I like this one though, i like this one, Tasmaina: no hiding here." A few months later one of the Tasmanian Parliaments senior members (ex Deputy-Premier) is arrested and charged with conspiracy. Jamin completed a trade in Graphic Pre-Press in 1999, his BFA at UTAS in 2004, Honours in 2005 and is currently engaged in an MFA under an Australian Post Graduate Award Scholarship. Jamin is a founding member of the 'Die Laughing Collective' (Dissent Disrupt Desert, Hobart 2004, Die Laughing & Melbourne Stencil Festival, Melbourne 2005, May's, Sydney 2006) and is engaged in an active solo practice, with recent shows including Folie á Trois (BUS Gallery, Melbourne, 2006 with Sally Rees & Scott Cotterell) and A.K.A. (CRITERION@Amulet, 2005). Jamin has been involved in numerous group shows and public and private commissions including an Art For Public Buildings Scheme commission at Springvale Hostel, Newtown (2005). Jamin joined the board of INFLIGHT Gallery in July 2005 and is the current Chair. He is represented by Criterion Gallery in Hobart.

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