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Saphire Cat - Fantasy Art
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Artist: Galina Shif
Image Medium: Watercolor - Limited Edition Prints
Image Dimensions: 20 x 27
Art work Description:

This incredibly beautiful Watercolor Painting was inspired by the small city of Pleasant Hill. Our Watercolor Artist, Ms. Galina Shif, passed through the residential area where all street names are womens' names. The tree-lined streets are full of fall leaves. Cats are free to roam.

Ms. Shif uses strong and powerful colors in her watercolor paintings. Her watercolor brush strokes are very delicate and convey tiny intricate details such as the shape of a fall leaf, the flowers next to a stair case, bare tree branches that already lost their leaves in fall.

This abstract watercolor art work shows a female cat, blue as saphire, hence the name "Saphire Cat". Just like cats roam and "own" the streets of Pleasant Hill, "Saphire Cat" sits in front of homes and piles of fall leaves. "Saphire Cat" has a quiet elegance about herself; she is full of mystique, just sitting there ~ waiting.

Surrounded by fall leaves and trees that already dropped their leaves, this Abstract Watercolor Painting hints of change.

We can only imagine what changes, besides the color of the leaves, are ahead of us.

Art Details

This Watercolor Painting has been created using high-quality Watercolor Paint on high-quality watercolor paper.

The original watercolor painting can be purchased. In addition, Limited Edition Prints (only 250 authorized numbered prints) are available.

You may also commission an acrylic version of this painting. Contact us at CustomerService@ArtByConny.com for more details.

  • Limited Edition Print (1 of 250): 8" x 10.5" - $69.95
  • Original Watercolor Painting: 9" x 12" - Add $480
  • Free matching mat

  • Matching frame (ready to hang) - $20.00
    Size of Framed Limited Edition Print: 11" x 14"
    Size of Framed Original Watercolor Painting: 16" x 20"

    All artwork is signed and authenticated by the artist.

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