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Sample Gallery/Dealer Art Work - Galerie Kaysser, Munich

Lips parted
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Artist: Rene Lynch
Image Medium: oil on canvas
Image Dimensions: 31 x 26 cm, 2006
Art work Description:
From the "Gaze" serie. Rene Lynch, Gaze, new paintings fom New York statement: My work explores that period of puberty that embodies pure spirit and an inchoate knowledge of power and vulnerability, when a child begins to break free and desires, like Alice in Wonderland, to see what is beyond the looking glass. “The Gaze” is a series of oil paintings of closely cropped faces of young girls. They are all slightly larger than life, with strong color backgrounds and expressions of engagement or confrontation. These paintings are intended to be viewed serially around the room at eye level confronting the viewer and begging comparisons between the emotions, cropping, and color. The face is an infant’s first known universe and throughout our lives, much like our chimpanzee relatives, we communicate as much through expression as words. The face is universally compelling. Actors exploit their facial capacity and politicians are broken by unchecked facial disclosures. Vermeer’s Girl with the Red Hat speaks to us across the centuries and Andy Warhol and Chuck Close tap into the most direct and primary human force with their iconic portraits. My images of girls depict the blurred boundary dividing innocence and experience, and provide an intense examination of that nexus where childish fantasy collides with a growing realization of the body, of sexuality and its power. That cusp in life between the unselfconscious exuberance of childhood, and adulthood with its inevitable series of responsibilities and regrets. In that middle period the individual’s savage, reckless, and extravagant traits are not yet tamed, before they are acculturated to society’s expectations and limits. The adolescent’s instincts are honed and sharp. There is a certain honesty to this time in life when intuitive nature is ascendant and the true nature with its raw emotions and untapped and confusing desires are on the surface. I am fascinated at how the body of a young teen reveals her inner vulnerability by the awkward turn of the shoulders or the expression on the lip. Whereas my larger work involves a more fairytale like narrative, in the Gaze, my intention is to distill all of the power and vulnerability of the adolescent into the reduced image of a face. Girls and women are depicted in advertising, fashion and much traditional art as objects of desire. These ubiquitous media images are rarely engaged directly with the viewer, the face depicted is either a mask of pleasantness or open vacuity there for the pocessing. Women and girls have throughout the centuries been the victims and willing practitioners of there own objectification. The Gaze series attempts to confront the viewer in the same way that Monet’s Olympia caught the viewer looking. You look at these girls and they look at you in an acknowledgement of mutual attraction, distrust or manipulation…in essence a humanist not objectifying exchange. Rene Lynch 2006

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