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Splitting Seconds
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Artist: Naomie Kremer
Image Medium: Single channel HD video installation
Art work Description:
NAOMIE KREMER is a painter and a media artist. Working in both paint and digital media she explores the unique properties of each as well as their relationship to each other. "Painting allows me to visualize and materialize simultaneously," she says. "Animation is delayed gratification – the pleasure of the piece comes mostly when it’s finished, rather than in the process of working on it. Like the paintings, the animations are improvisations, each decision generating the next. In computer animation, it’s possible to literally have simultaneous stories unfolding in time, creating an 'ambient animation,' akin to ambient music." Ms. Kremer's sources include music, poetry, photography, physics, and all kinds of space – natural, architectural and cyberspace. She is interested in the simultaneity of events that occur in the world, which we know about but can only experience in a poetic and philosophical sense. In painting she explores this using rhythm, detail, color, and scale. Naomie Kremer exhibits her work internationally and is acclaimed by the critics. Her pieces are part of numerous important private, public, and corporate collections. In conjunction with the major exhibition of her work in March 2005 San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art published a monograph of her work entitled Keeping Time: Naomie Kremer Works 1992-2004 with essays by Eleanor Heartney, Amei Wallach, and Cathy Kimball. Naomie Kremer bases her art practice in both Oakland, California and Paris, France.

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