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Sample Gallery/Dealer Art Work - Sullivan + Strumpf

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Artist: Marc de Jong
Created On: 2006
Image Medium: oil on canvas
Image Dimensions: 84 x 111 cm
Art work Description:
GHOST TRACKS (April 12) A couple of days ago I was flying over the Western portion of Iraq towards Syria. Mile after mile - in fact for about 100 miles - there wasn't a sign of anything. No cars, roads, houses, Bedouins.... No vegetation, no terrain features, no animals - just an endless expanse of nothing. If any place on earth looked like a different planet, this was it. Other than nothing, one other thing was present - there were thousands of vehicle tracks. Everywhere I looked, as far as I could see, all around.... endless tracks. They went in every direction. Some went in circles. Tracks upon tracks. Every square inch of this endless expanse was covered by tracks.... and there was no hint of anything that might have made them. With the frequent sandstorms, I can't imagine tracks last very long. All of these looked fairly recent - like Glamis, CA (the sand toy capitol of the world) the day after Memorial day - only about a zillion times more. For some reason I've been wondering about this a lot. I just can't figure out how there could be so many tracks in such a desolate and isolated place. I'm somewhat familiar with desolate places. I've been just about everywhere in the western US. I've flown many miles in Somalia. I've even driven across the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa. Never have I seen such emptiness before. Yet obviously people have been here before - thousands of them. Maybe millions. Maybe last week, maybe 100 years ago. I'll probably never know.... COMMENTS (1) posted by Rick May 18 Did you report it to intelligence? U.S. Marine AH-1W Super Attack Cobra pilot "Hurl"'s Blog; selected extracts. Transcripts received via: http://camelspider/typepad.com/

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