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Artist: John Marshall
Image Medium: Oil on Canvas
Image Dimensions: 76 x 102 cm
Art work Description:
John Marshall has achieved recognition as 'The Cow Painter'; resulting from his devotion to this one subject throughout the past ten years. In doing so he has created his own 'cow genre'. Technical and compositional progression throughout this period has ensured that his work remains highly sought after and enduringly popular. He has had a series of sell-out solo exhibitions in London and Paris, and his work is in collections across America and the rest of the world. Working from his Sussex Studio, he has regularly exdhibited with The Fairfax Gallery since 2000, who now act as his exclusive representatives in London. At first hand his work appear to exist within the tradition of the English rural painter, but he subtly undermines the genre. His paintings are not documents of rural property, nor evocations of a pastoral idyll, quite the opposite in fact – these cows are, if not urban, persistently urbane. John Marshall’s unique talent lies in his ability to draw out the human characteristics of his bovine subjects. His paintings are essentially character studies, portraits of cows with big personalities; some stubborn, others wistful, nervous or debonair. His most recent paintings are united by their thematic titles; a confectionary of sugarcoated descriptions serving to heighten the sentimental quality in Marshall’s work. The titles impart a quality of absurdity to each cow, but although frivolous they seem absolutely welded to the character of each and act as the key to the mood of each painting. Overall the approach is a theatrical one, the painter wishing to engender a romance between viewer and subject. And in this he is effective, as each owner of a John Marshall ‘cow’ will testify.

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