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Sample Gallery/Dealer Art Work - Fairfax Gallery

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Artist: Carol Peace
Image Medium: Bronze
Image Dimensions: 60 cm high approx.
Art work Description:
Carol Peace studied at the Winchester School of Art 1989 – 92 and has since won significant sculpture awards and numerous private and public commissions. She has exhibited in successful solo exhibitions and is represented at major London art fairs with the Fairfax Gallery. Her sculpture specialises in the human form and expressive movement; working in both bronze and iron resin, she often imparts a tactile texture to her playful characters. She says of her work: "The pace of the sculpture is defined by the texture. Rough textures and lines emulate rhythms of movement while detailed work creates a feeling of stillness and intimacy. It is the clay that I love, but I also like the idea of changing something so fluid and fragile into something that will last forever. I cast the work in bronze or iron resin and the patina, often dark in the low-lights and light on the highlights, can help define the form. I have always relied on life drawing. The struggle of just trying to capture what is in front of you honestly without technique or gimmick is healthy. Working in clay has similar qualities to charcoal and oils; you can work with speed as you can with charcoal, forms are found, often changed over and over and sometimes lost. Sometimes I work in clay as I would in oils - the work is less impulsive and more precise."

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