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Sample Gallery/Dealer Art Work - Lawrimore Project

Hood, 2006 (from Bodywork)
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Artist: Liz Cohen
Created On: 2006
Image Medium: C-print
Image Dimensions: 127x127
Art work Description:
BODYWORK is the attempt to transform a German car into an American car. Cohen bought a Trabant in Berlin and shipped it to America. Upon its arrival, the effort to transform the Trabant into a lowriding Chevrolet El Camino begins. Cohen in a search for her own place in the lowrider world works at a custom autobody shop and additionally works out with a personal trainer to become a lowrider bikini model. The bikini model/car customizer and the Trabant turned El Camino will do a tour de force of lowrider competitions to show off their new looks. BODYWORK will be shown as a video installation including the car that constantly transforms back and forth from Trabant to El Camino lowrider and a hip hop music video. Characterized by changes in light, photographs, music, videos, and the constant motion of the car, BODYWORK will provide a high stimuli environment for examining a range of psychological and sociological issues. Cohen’s BODYWORK takes on a neurotic desire for love and respect to issues of shifting identities, and the requirements of group membership. As with much of Cohen’s work, she has set up a parameter for herself within which to transform the car and collect experiences. At the same time that she creates the story, she is the story. ~Creative Capital Foundation

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