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Artist: Rebecca Woodhouse
Image Medium: resin on canvas
Art work Description:
"My latest works are a reflection of the depth and complexity of grief, hope, and renewal. They are composed entirely from layer upon layer of words – a stream of consciousness, outpouring of my thoughts and emotional state during a time of difficult transition in my life. The abstraction of the words becomes a formal element of the artwork, allowing it to work visually as part of the whole piece rather than as a clear, open statement. The rare legible word or letter helps to further engage the viewer and encourages continual exploration of the rich layers, colors and textures of the work. Exploration and discovery are key components of my paintings, both for my process, and, I believe for the viewers as well. My text often blends together, working as color, line, and texture. I have transcribed literature, lyrics, and my own words into my paintings, giving homage to the connection of the arts. My current work is stream of consciousness. The illegibility references the symbolism of written language, reminding us that without literacy, text is purely visual. For some time, I tried to decide between writing and painting. At Warren Wilson College in North Carolina, I found art classes kept me going through my English degree. A few years later, I entered California College of the Arts, realizing I had stopped writing altogether. It was there that I first combined the two arts, or so I thought. Looking back at old sketchbooks, I found I started playing with the idea at 16." -Rebecca Woodhouse

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