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Let' Build a Car
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Artist: Paul Caton
Created On: 2006
Image Medium: Felt Collage
Image Dimensions: 153x 76 cm
Art work Description:
Paul has been making the felt pictures for over two years, at the same time the artist began working at the Foundling Museum, dedicated to the history of the Foundling Hospital and home to the Hospitals famous collection of paintings. The museum has a variety of activity packs for children, one of which is a fuzzy felt kit. Caton became fascinated with these and then found a childhood memento of a few fuzzy felt kits at his parents house in Yorkshire. Then the incident happened which would inspire the picture BB Guns at Law Stand. Caton bought some felt and began experimenting with them, cutting shapes and overlaying to form pictures, becaming more & more sophisticated, finally resulted in the finished picture which was completed in February 2006. The playful material is at odds with the dysfunctional imagery. For the artist this adds a compassion to a difficult and disturbing subject. Caton began looking more closely at the small, former mining town in South Yorkshire and his relationship with it, now that he has matured & moved away. The has had a difficult recent history, the miners strike and its aftermath, drug and alcohol problems & violence. Concerned by these issues, the artist based the felt pictures quite accurately in this. The artist is planning a series of felt pictures to be made over the next year. Working at the Iveagh Bequest at Kenwood House, with Dutch Masters and more eighteenth century British painters, the artist sees parallels his own work, in the idea of ‘genre’ pictures: portrait, history, landscape & still life.

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