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Boars, Burgher's Zoo, Arnhem, the Netherlands (ed of 5)
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Artist: Mandy Lee Jandrell
Created On: 2005
Image Medium: Photography, Printed on Lambda Print
Image Dimensions: 100x 80 cm
Art work Description:
Mandy Lee Jandrell grew up in South Africa, moving to London to study, graduating with an MA from Goldsmiths College in 2003. Mandy Lee Jandrell scours the constructed leisure environment – wildlife parks, zoos, botanical gardens, historical recreations and theme parks – for her subject matter, exploring the pre-packaging of our perceptions of the ‘real’ and the belief systems that sustain them. Her photographs bring into focus the mutually dependent nature of ideologies and cultural practices, where leisure environments are constructed to appeal to the aspirations of the economic and ideological systems with which they are intertwined. Over 2006 she has been working with Bob and Roberta Smith, Jessica Voorsanger and The Serpentine Gallery on a project with The North East London Mental Health trust. The results of the collaboration with users of the trust are to be seen in an exhibition titled “Hearing Voices/ Seeing Things” currently showing at the Serpentine Gallery. Jandrell also boasts a solo exhibition at BEARSPACE & The Mead Gallery, inclusion in the East End Academy 2004 & is currently fronting the Brighton photography Biennale. Jandrell has work in the UK Goverment Art Collection and her work was specially commissioned for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Jandrell’s work had been published and reviewed in publications including The Guardian, The Observer, Art Review, Art Monthly, Flash Art, Contemporary, Fleisch (Austria), Art South Africa, Arena, Dazed and Confused, Artthrob (South Africa), Itch (South Africa), and the Mail and Guardian (South Africa).

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