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Nights Visions
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Artist: Christopher Paquet
Created On: 2006
Image Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas
Image Dimensions: 91.4 x 121.9 cm
Art work Description:
Christopher Paquet was born in Marlton, New Jersey, 1975. Graduating from his Post Graduate diploma in 2003, Paquet now works between London & New York, his paintings have been enjoyed and collected widely. Paquet grew up as a punk rocker and a metal-head, his earlier work referencing the culture of the basement rock shows, and tapping into a particular kind of social interaction. Paquet’s more recent work relates to decadent fiction of 1890's France, which claims "the feminine...may be admired because it finds [its] ultimate realisation in artifice...the decadent strategy attempts to empty out the female body of its natural content and transform it into a feminine image that is perfectly artificial and completely external." The texts continue to reference Lorrain's story "The Man Who Loved Consumptives", in which a man is obsessed with making love to the dead or the near dead. The corpse, here, is preferable to the live flesh as it is wholly artifice. Where painting comes in is with the question of "what's next" after the death of painting. Why bother painting at this point? Paquet think that it’s a good time to be a painter, because are left with a corpse to arrange as they wish and garnish with pearls, as in "Comment on deviant Fee" by Pedalan or roses, like in! 990’s Jane's Addiction film "Gift". If painting has nothing more to do or say, then there is nothing to get in the way of the adoring the belated object of our affection at this point. Described by Time Out NY as "feisty new talent" Christopher Paquet has just completed Goldsmiths' 2007 Survey at White Box in New York. Collections: Ernst & Young Collection, London. Private collections of: Mauro Bonacina, Nigel Cooke, James Hopkins, Dr. Suhail Malik, Ian Monroe, Lawrence O'Hana, as well as other collections in the United Kingdom, the United States and Europe.

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