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Wild Horses: original oil on canvas by Mu Yang Shen (2007 )
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This dynamic and expansive outdoor scene is reminiscent of the sweeping landscapes of the western United States painted by the 19th century German-American artist Albert Bierstadt from the Hudson River School. At first, you are caught up in the frenzy of the horses stampeding out of the frame, kicking up clouds of dust that stretch back over the distant plain. As your eye trails back over the herd, it is soothed by the winding stream that meanders off into the distance to the peaceful and majestic snow-capped mountains, framing the background. In this magnificent landscape, measuring 154 by 160 cm, Shen has captured both the power and the tranquility of nature, juxtaposed in a manner that is both breathtaking and grand. Shen is famous for his landscape paintings, and the subjects of his landscapes are always beautiful and thoughtful. What makes this one special is not only the larger size but also the infusion of life and dynamism with this herd of wild horses. In fact, Shen is also famous for his horse paintings with a smaller painting of a polo game in the mountains having recently sold at auction for just under $10,000. If you have the room for such a large painting, this is definitely one to own. Because of the size it will be dismantled and rolled for shipping.

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