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Jono Woods - Jack Pot - 2007
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Exhibition Photo Description:
60 x 100 cm. Numeric print on canvas / edition of 4 / Jono was born in London, 1979. Due to his dyslexia, the only mode of expression that seemed accessible to him was drawing. Painting followed naturally, and so, it is with great pleasure that we invite you to discover and explore (a part of the evolution of) this artist’s work here. Presented at SpaceJunk in April 2005 during his first solo show in Europe, he has since participated in all of the collective exhibits. From some of his first canvases to his recent “boxed paintings,” Jono’s path explores the banal, the metaphysical and their representation. He has a tendency to simplicity and purity, while conserving the message, the better to move towards color, larger formats, and to reach out to the impossible temptation of perfection, even if it consumes a lifetime. It is for this reason that Jono Wood’s pieces are often (too) quickly identified as digital art: the perfect lines, the linear momentum of his strokes, the faultless precision and beautiful stretches of uniform tincture… But if you get up close to his paintings, you can just discern the strokes of his careful brush. Yet, Jono is no stranger to digital artwork; more rapidly executed, the medium allows him to explore and reveal some of tomorrow’s new playing fields. His recurrent compositions and arresting style make him one of the most widely recognized artists to emerge from board culture.

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