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FIT IN, Sarena Huizinga
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Exhibition Photo Description:
FIT IN- Sarena Huizinga 09/10/10 - 30/10/10 For the exhibition 'FIT IN' in Intermezzo Sarena Huizinga designed a collection of knit winter accessories. Characteristic of her work is the combination of industrial seamless knitwear and traditional handicrafts. The accessories, mostly in black and muted colors, are made with perfectionism and a good eye for detail. The soft collars and scarves that curl around the body show distinguishing features of the designers work. The collection consists of accessories for both men and women and is a spin-off of the outfits that Sarena Huizinga designed for the Calvin Classics Fashion Award in 2009. The initial concept behind these outfits was based on the feelings the designer experiences with relation to religion; community feeling, solidarity, togetherness, putting someone else’s needs ahead of your own, disregarding your own feelings. Themes about the importance of shared values, the greater good. What strikes her are the large amount of rules that seem to come with religion. Imposed rules that are very close to someone’s personal wants and desires; what you eat; what you wear, how you relate to one another.... Rules she experiences as oppressive and intimidating. These feelings are translated into a collection consisting of concealing clothing that hides the individual’s characteristics. The abiding by the rules was depicted in mechanical illustrations, embroidered on leather. These refer to the preprogrammed path walked by its wearer. Sarena Huizinga graduated at the fashion department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KABK),The Hague in 2008. Currently she works as an independent fashion and accessory designer. Opening: Saturday, October 9th 8:00 p.m.

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