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Prequels & Season's Greetings
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Exhibition Photo Description:
PREQUELS & SEASON'S GREETINGS Bas van Beek and Martine Viergever 11/10/08 - 02/11/08 Although at first sight not a very obvious combination of two artists who seem to have little in common- except for the fact that they both live in Rotterdam- the latest works of Bas van Beek and Martine Viergever turn out to connect surprisingly well. With his previous work, the Ripp off vases, Bas van Beek rebelled against the present day Dutch design scene and against the, in his opinion, often hollow pretences of big designer labels. He made his point by simply copying vases of both reknown and unknown designers; making moulds of vases he either bought at the market or at expensive design stores, having these casted and selling them all at the same price. After the success of these ‘RIP-OFF’S Bas van Beek seriously asked himself how to go on from there because the results, in his opinion could not easily be perfected. A slightly existential crisis. The European Ceramic Work Centre in ’s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands provided him with the opportunity to manufacture new collections during the first six months of 2007 and to get himself started with minimal knowledge of the ceramic process. There he discovered that a way out of his deadlock was not to be found in an obvious sequel, but in a lucid step back; a prequel. With her new collection of jewellery, 'Season’s Greetings', Martine Viergever embraces, in her very own way, the seasonal thinking in fashion. Thematic clichés that are often reverted to in seasonal collections served as a starting point for the designs of this collection. Season’s Greetings has developed into a personal and nostalgic tinted jewellery and accessory collection with a hint of nostalgia that evokes recognizable feelings of dark rainy autumn days. The jewellery is mainly made of little autumn pieces with chestnuts and acorns, put together with sticks and matches and made of silver. With her collection 'Season's Greetings' Martine Viergever brings a personal salute to a new fashion season. While her first collection 'things that might as well be' develops at it’s own pace,'Season's Greetings' is the first of a series of biannual thematic collections.

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