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Porcelain & Paper Party
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Porcelain & Paper party Lenneke Wispelwey and Paula Arntzen 10/12/09 - 24/01/10 Two young designers: Lenneke Wispelwey and Paula Arntzen, graduated from the department product design of the Artez academy Arnhem, work independently but, on occasion, present together their collection of porcelain and paper. Lenneke Wispelwey graduated in 2008 from the college for arts ArtEZ with her graduation collection `de zoete inval' (freely translated as sweet popping in), referring to friends and acquaintances spontaneously dropping by. Both her products and her styling are lighthearted and show a nice sense of humour. According to traditional methods manufactured porcelain that she in interlude presents exist from a serial several serum dirty parts and muds; all related to each other, but with an own character. Paula Arntzen graduated a year later 2009 from the same academy with a series of remarkable paper lights intended for interior design and projects on location. The lamps have been made of high quality hand-made paper with a fine structure. Because of this they have a luxurious and exclusive irradiation. The serial characterises himself layers coloured by the superior paper from which the lamps have been built. This laminated application of paper counterfoils gives a generous, monumentally appearance to the lamps. They revive each space and form an exuberant furnishing at festivals and fetes. Each collection in itself is already a celebration, but both collections reinforce each other in this common presentation to an animated porcelain and paper party; a very special and festive presentation of porcelain and paper.

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