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Exhibition Photos - Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Salzburg

"Garten Eden", 2008
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Exhibition Photo Description:
The in 1968 in Düsseldorf born artist Claudia ROGGE concentrated herself intense and manifold with the relation between individual and mass over the last couple of years. Whereas in the course of globalization mass-production, mass-transport, and mass media entail standardization and uniformity rises parallel the individual necessity to distinguish oneself from the mass. The seemingly paradox phenomenons of individuality and mass-society are the main focus of Claudia ROGGES work. The contemplator experiences the complexity of the theme and the imaginativeness of the artist by the diverse forms and strategies. Whether Claudia ROGGE formed people to uniformed, synchronized and static masses in her former works or if she makes her protagonists through masking to a roll carrier of society, she always creates an outstanding dynamic and a particular rhythm in her large-sized photographs. Claudia ROGGE, who currently prepares a comprehensive solo exhibition for the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) to see from May 19th until June 28th, 2009, will show total new works to the subject of society/individual/mass in our gallery in Salzburg. Claudia ROGGE shows in her so called Schaumbildern (foam pictures) people “bathing in the mass” – who seem united but are isolated. The fragile materiality of foam, the bubbles associate furthermore the fugaciousness and the displosion of hopes, dreams and in the end being itself. The actually daily delivered bad news about burst bubbles obtrude automatically. With huge white bubbles act the protagonists in Claudia ROGGES photograph Blow up – everyone by oneself, imprisoned in ones own world but still part of the whole. To quote Arstotle: The whole is more as the sum of its pieces.

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