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Exhibition Photos - Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Salzburg

"You somehow slip away", 2008
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Exhibition Photo Description:
Figure, to leave the figure – is standing above the declarations of BERTRAM HASENAUER’s new pictures. He uses a “figurative” style, just to leave the demands on figuration, that were formulated a moment ago: What seems to be a portrait first, shows up to be an idea of a possible portrayed figure. What looks like a picture of a human figure, disappears immediately into the vague spheres of the memory at a figure. For HASENAUER the figuration is just a “technique” – a tool, an instrument, for using a quasi-naturalistic picture language. The idea of his pictures exceeds much above that, and leaves the superficial level of depiction and similarity, through a backdoor into the lands of indication and poetry. For people, who are faced with HASENAUER’s figure cosmos, some completely new situations emerge: First the portrait seems to be simply accessible, but in the long run it is highly complex. It has got its barbs and depths. The viewer comes back to the human figure he just met in the picture, only to notice that it can’t be made steady, that it leaves something open, and that between the realistic depiction and a deep fascination some space for something imponderable and unspeakable remained. BERTRAM HASENAUER’s figures of people are at the same time attendant and absent. They said goodbye to our fast moving time, and fulfil an own unknown mission. They are secluded to themselves, centred to their innermost part, turned away, mantled, or they merge nearly in the amorphous background. They left a certain stage of development behind, the exertions of arising, the duty of duration. Like in pupation they striped their hulls and came to a momentary hardening. Spun in an invisible cocoon they wait for the moment of change, not without bearing the one and the other, the new and the old, the male and the female, the puppet and the human already inside. A certain hypnotic charisma sticks on them, having something of an invisible aura. Consolidated firmly they are bordered by an intense outline, and offset by a simple silhouetted form opponent to the indefinable foil of background. They have got something magical and unreal, something that is not from this world. They are somehow like slipped away from the here and now, as a title by BERTRAM HASENAUER indicates: “You somehow slip away” or “All instant things are fading”, so the take over the insecure sphere between attendant and absent, between real and magical, between sensual and extrasensory, between the disappearing of the physical presence and the efficiency of the soul. (Excerpt: Margit Zuckriegl PhD)

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