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KALEID editions
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Exhibition Photo Description:
KALEID is proud to announce an exhibition first: a group show dedicated to unique artists’ books. The exhibition will bring to life ‘the aftermath of an accident between a trolley car and a newspaper kiosk', recalling Maud Lavin’s description of Johannes Baader’s original exhibition Das Grosse Plasto-Dio-Dada-Drama. Drawing inspiration from Baader’s original architectural feat, fifty pieces have been selected for their originality and conceptual response to the traditional book form. KALEID curator Deeqa Ismail challenges the viewer to consider not what a book is but what a book can be. Reaching out to an international network of artists, exhibition highlights include: Samantha Huang’s deformation of the found book is a rejection of the literal reading. Neglected by past owners, the book is conscientiously destroyed in order to disseminate its physical potential back into the public domain.(as pictured) Liz Jackson’s minimalist interventions draw attention to the physicality of the paper. Her demarcation of the edges transforms the book into a sculptural form, opening it to new ways of reading whilst hiding the true content of its pages. Finlay Taylor’s buried, decomposed and subsequently exhumed books that are transformed into unique pieces by worms and mollusks whose digestive journey offers a personal account of subterranean history. With his Dictionary Story, Sam Winston seeks to transcend the visual limit of language. His wild transformation of words into abstract form creates a style that pushes the boundaries of typography and the letterpress. Pete Williams’ 12ft Tower, made from rescued scrap wood and woodcuts, has been assembled in defiance of the material’s destruction. The installation as a focal point in the gallery, offers its ledges, nooks and crannies for the imminent arrival of fifty unique books. Jill Barker : Monica Biagioli : Louise Bristow : Victoria Browne : Owen Bullett : Jessica Bush : Amelie Chartlon : Wayne Chisnall : Herve Constant : Fabio Coruzzi : Lorna Crabbe : Sylvain Deleu : Simon Haddock : Mark Harris : Alex Hamilton : Janna van Hasselt : Samantha Huang : Ingeun Kim : Redchurch Idler : Magno Irvin : Emilia Izquierdo : Rupert Jaeger : Liz Jackson : Evy Jokhova : Calum F. Kerr : Magda Kaggwa : Sandra Keating : Tom Stian Kosmo : Richard Knowles : Stephen Lee : Temsuyanger Longkumer : Emily Lyon : Esther MacGregor : Oswaldo Macia : Deirdre McGranaghan : Ian Mclachlan Nick Morley : Vulindlela Nyoni : Sumi Perera : Kathryn Politis : Brendan Quick : Martin Sexton : Dawn Scarfe : Faye Julia Spencer : Gili Tal : Finlay Taylor : Carolyn Trant : Nicolas Vass : Jonathan Ward : Pete Williams : Sam Winston : Herbert Wright For more information and images contact Deeqa Ismail at the gallery: deeqa(at)

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