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Commissioned large Persian Carpet
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Exhibition Photo Description:
A rare, very fine, large (102 inches dia) original Persian round Carpet A very large round and exceptionally fine Persian silk Carpet, handmade from the area of Na\'in, Persia. Round hand made Persian Carpets are only specially commissioned (and only to the finest quality); they require a special frame for the craftsman / person to work from. Large round Persian Carpets are particularly rare and seldom appear in the west (please do not confuse this with cheap, machined made carpets appearing from Pakistan and India, this is an original hand made work of art). This silk Carpet has been produced having a large number of hand tied knots per inch (laar), the design is perfectly symmetrical, the colours are rich and the overall condition is very good, this Carpet is of exceptional quality and very fine, a true work of Art. The Carpet was commissioned for an Iranian family from Shiraz at the end of the 1960’s, and as with the culture was only brought out for use on special occasions, which has kept this carpet particularly fresh. We doubt if there is another round Persian Carpet of this size, quality and rarity on the market in the west today. •Production: Hand Made/Original •Dimensions: 102\" Dia approx •Condition: Very Good •Rarity: Very Rare •Quality: Best •Symmetry: Perfect •Colour: Bright/Original Very difficult to photograph well, more images can be supplied if required. •Item: Large Silk Persian Carpet •Circa: 1960\'s •Origin: Na\'in, Iran •Material: 60%Silk/40% Wool (I think these percentages as this would be about normal but as this is an exceptional example it may be different erring towards quality)

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