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Persian Carpet - Extremely rare Museum quality exceptional large wool Nomad Wedding Carpet from Western Iran / Iraq - C. pre 1920's
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Exhibition Photo Description:
Very rarely seen on any market a large Nomad Wedding Carpet from the areas of Iran / Iraq of vivid bright colours with naive details of fish, camels, flora etc... This unique work of art having been produced in two halfs with an obvious Gallate (i.e: Islam Religion / culture - only God creates perfection, anything man made wll have a mistake in its making). This carpet has been firstly hand made in the traditional way and then hand embroidered with the various Devish dancers, fish, camels flora etc... so the finish has both vivid colours (still very bright) and texture (from the secondary hand work). These Carpets are hand made specifically for the bride and groom. There are very few in private collections outside of Asia and almost never appear on the open market, a true museum item as normally they are past down through the generations. The last owners, who were Carpet Collectors, purchased it in 1960 from Karbala and it dates pre 1920 The dimensions are large (measurements to come)- please enquire if you are waiting for these and we will get them to you. Condition: Good - there is evidence that the Carpet has been hung with two areas on the same edge has a little damage from some sort of hanging device. Hard to photograph well - please ask if more images are required Price on Application -

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