•  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
  •  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
  •  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
  •  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
  •  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
30th anniversary
Saatchi Store
Current Exhibition

Frank Elbaz

Founded in 2002 in Paris, Galerie Frank Elbaz is committed to working with French and international artists, representing emerging as well as mid-career artists.
The gallery has established a program in which all medium are presented, promoting artists whose work questions, expands and re-imagines the aesthetic boundaries of the visual arts.
Twice a year, the gallery invites curators and artists to curate/participate in exhibitions (see programme below).

Producing catalogues is a priority, and the following have been or will be published: Audrey Nervi (2005), Marcelline Delbecq (2006), Kaz Oshiro (2007), Davide Balula (2008), Gyan Panchal (2008), Wallace Berman (2009), Meredyth Sparks (2009).

The gallery participates in international art fairs (Armory Show New York in 2006, Nada Miami, Fiac Paris, Art Forum Berlin, Artbrussels, Artissima Turin etc.).


7 rue saint claude
Phone: + 33(1) 48 875 004
Fax: + 33(1) 48 875 293
Website: www.galeriefrankelbaz.com

Gallery/Dealer Photos (1)

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Artists Represented

Olivier Babin
Davide Balula
Wallace Berman
Lilian Bourgeat
Swetlana Heger
Rainier Lericolais
Audrey Nervi
Kaz Oshiro
Gyan Panchal
Meredyth Sparks
Blair Thurman

Sample Art Work (6)

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Current Exhibitions

"Wallace Berman-Verifax Collages"
Curated by Sophie DannenmĂĽller
Opening on Saturday, January 10th, 2009, 5-9pm
Exhibition runs through March 10th, 2009
Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-7pm

Forthcoming Exhibitions

Rainier Lericolais
March - May

Gyan Panchal
May - Jully

Previous Exhibitions

- 2008 -

"Krumms Along the Mohawk", Blair Thurman
Exhibition runs from October 11th to December 20th, 2008

Artists : Kristoffer Akselbo, Susan Collis, Miles Coolidge, Sean Edwards, Daniel Firman, Alicja Kwade, Sam Lewitt, Kaz Oshiro, Damien Roach, John Stezaker
From September 6th to October 4th, 2008

"Kid Nation", Hugo Pernet / Hugo SchĂĽwer-Boss
From May 24th to June 18th, 2008

Etcétera..., curated by Claire Fontaine
From April 12th to May 17th, 2008

"Tout sur le noir", Olivier Babin
From March 1st to April 5th, 2008

"ainsi répondit la racine de curcuma", Gyan Panchal
From January 12th to February 23th, 2008

- 2007 -

"Random Quotes (About Everything)", Swetlana Heger
From November 24th to January 5th, 2008

"Common Noise", Kaz Oshiro
From October 20th to November 20th, 2007

"Deaf II « From the audible to the visible »", curated by Peter Coffin
Bjorn Copeland, Martin Creed, Sean Dack, Meredith Danluck, Rodney Graham, Jim Hodges, Scott King, Jutta Koether, Adam McEwen, Dave Muller, Relph & Payne, Ara Peterson, Joshua Smith, etc.
From September 8th to October 13th, 2007

"De... [ Read all ]

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Art Fairs

- 2009 -

Armory Show 2009
Gyan Panchal, solo show
du 5 au 8 mars 2009 / March 5th-8th, 2009

Art Cologne 2009
du 22 au 26 avril 2009 / April 22th-26th, 2009

Press Releases

Wallace Berman
Verifax Collages
Curated by Sophie DannenmĂĽller (catalogue available)

Exhibition from January 10th to March 10th, 2009 Tuesday-Saturday 11am-7pm
Opening on Saturday, January 10th, 5-9pm

Press release

A legendary figure of the California Beat movement, Wallace Berman is generally remembered as unassuming, mystical and exceptionally charismatic. According to Dennis Hopper, "he affected and influenced everybody seriously involved in the arts in Los Angeles in the 50's. If there was a guru, he was it – the high priest, the holy man, the rabbi." Walters Hopps recalled "his magical touch of wit" – a magical touch still operating on younger generations who discover Berman's work today. For the first solo exhibition of the artist ever organized in France, the Galerie Frank Elbaz presents a selection of grids and "shuffles" from his pioneering copy art works, the Verifax Collages.
Berman started using the Verifax photocopier around 1964. It remained his main artistic tool until his accidental death in 1976. Given his fascination for the power of words, the name "Verifax", meaning something like "True Fact... [ Read all ]


Olivier Babin
"When I was young / when you were kings", galerie Honor Fraser, Los Angeles, USA
January 13th 2008 - February 14th 2009 (solo)

"I walked with a zombie", galerie Seomi&Tuus, Seoul, Korea
From December 12th (solo)

Davide Balula
"The Possibility of an Island", MOCA, Miami, USA
December 4th 2008 - March 21st 2009

"Antidote 4", Galerie des Galeries, Galeries Lafayette, Paris, France
October 11th - December 6th 2008

"Je reviendrai", nouvel accrochage permanent du Mac/Val, Vitry-sur-Seine, France
Since August 15th 2008

Wallace Berman
"Looking for mushrooms: Beat Poets, Hippies, Funk and Minimal Art: Art and Counterculturein San Francisco 1955 - 1968", Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany
November 8th 2008 - March 3rd 2009

"Time & Place: Los Angeles 1957-1968", Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden, curated by Lars Nittve with Lena Essling
October 4th 2008 - January 6th 2009

"Wallace Berman", Camden Art Center, London, UK
September 26th - November 23rd 2008 (solo)

Lilian Bourgeat
"Lilian Bourgeat - Les dîners de Gulliver", dans six restaurants de la région Centre, France
September 20th - Nov... [ Read all ]


frank elbaz
johana carrier
daphné kossmann

Opening Times

11 am - 7 pm