•  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
  •  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
  •  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
  •  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
  •  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
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Japingka Gallery Australia

Japingka Gallery is committed to ethically sourcing the best Indigenous Fine Art works using its vast experience and extensive industry-wide contacts. Japingka Gallery is a foundation Signatory to the National Government's Indigenous Fine Art CODE OF CONDUCT. Japingka Gallery is committed to maintaining a full exhibition program that showcases to a wide audience not only established and highly recognised Indigenous Artists, but also new and emerging talent. This extensive program is conducted fully within the framework of the ART.TRADE Code of Ethics (see below). As such, all works are fully documented and guaranteed with:

* Story associated with the painting
* Artist Biography
* Signed Certificate of Provenance

Japingka Gallery was formed in 1995 to promote the art and culture of Indigenous Australia. It grew from the work of Desert Designs which began marketing Aboriginal art and designs in 1984. Japingka Gallery is based in an historic two story building in the heart of Fremantle. Three gallery spaces provide over 330 square metres of exhibition space.


47 High Street
Phone: Tel : International (618) 9335 8265 - Au
Fax: Fax : International (618) 9335 8275 - Au
Website: www.japingka.com.au

Gallery/Dealer Photos (7)

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Artists Represented

Lorna Napurrula Fencer
Jimmy Pike
The Spinifex Arts Project
The Wangkatjungka Arts Project
Makinti Napanangka
Ningura Napurrula
Minnie Pwerle
Mitjili Napurrula
Patrick Tjungurrayi
Queenie McKenzie
Sarrita King
Jack Dale
Stumpy Brown
Lily Kelly Napangardi
Billy Whiskey Tjapaltjarri
Rosella Namok
Alma Nungarrayi Granites
Anna Petyarre
Betty Mbitjana
Clifton Mack
Dorothy Napangardi
Fabrianne Peterson Nampitjinpa
Freddie Timms
George Ward Tjungurrayi
Ngoia Pollard
Jock Mosquito
Linda Syddick
Jorna Newberry
Kerry Madawyn McCarthy
Kim West Napurrula
Kudditji Kngwarreye
Marlene Harold
Maureen Nampijinpa Hudson
Gloria Petyarre
Thomas Tjapaltjarri
Walala Tjapaltjarri
Walangkura Napanangka
Yinarupa Gibson Nangala
and many more

Sample Art Work (13)

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Current Exhibitions

In Gallery 1, DOT CODE – DESERT ATISTS. Japingka Gallery has gathered together in the one gallery space an impressive range of “Dot” paintings from the many Desert regions of Australia by both famous and emerging Artists. The original use for dotting in Aboriginal culture may have been to create a ‘shimmer’ effect on a body design or the decoration of an artefact, but in the Papunya era when the desert art form was just starting to reach out to a wider audience, the dotting allowed the artist to conceal certain information that lay underneath, including elements of stories that should not be seen by the uninitiated.

The tradition of dot painting has transformed the way Aboriginal groups have presented themselves and their culture to the outside world. The modern process is measured in just over forty years of art production, but the diversity and personal creations have ensured that the tradition continues to reinvigorate itself and its creators. Artists represented include, the late great Bill Whiskey Tjapaltjarri, Abie Loy Kemarre, Patrick Tjungurrayi, Wentja Napoltjarri, Kathleen Petyarre and many others. This infor... [ Read all ]

Forthcoming Exhibitions

The extraordinary growth of Aboriginal art into the wider world of the art market has been partly explained by the deep sense of spiritual identity and connectedness that it imparts to the viewer.

The source of this strength in communicating meaning across wide cultural differences stems from the core of the paintings being imbedded in ceremonial traditions and Dreaming mythologies, that are at the heart and identity of Aboriginal cultures.

Traditional cultures use song to embody ancient narratives and to celebrate and renew time-honoured accounts of Creation stories that tie the custodian people in with the sites and the country where the creation journeys took place.

The term Songlines is used to describe the long metaphysical narration lines that criss-cross the Australian landscape and bind locations and Aboriginal peoples, provides the deepest link between traditional people and the stories that they inherit.

The ceremonies, dances and songs are passed down as an expression of the people’s identity.
So when Aboriginal artists are tapping into their stories, they do so with a sense of ... [ Read all ]

Previous Exhibitions

Landmarks and Law Grounds: Men of the Desert - Gallery1

Opening Friday 12 April, and running until 22 May, 2013

Japingka Gallery is very proud to announce the opening of an important, major Exhibition which features rare works by some of the most iconic, male Indigenous Artists of the Indigenous Fine Art Movement. Major, rare paintings by seminal figures such as the late, great Artists, Rover Thomas Joolama, Jimmy Pike, Bill Whiskey Tjapaltarri and Paddy Bedford feature in this stunning, major Exhibition of Senior Men’s work

When over 35 senior male artists paint the great stories of their ancestral lands, the stories are bound to be vast and impressive. Japingka Gallery presents an exhibition of significant Men’s paintings that focus on Landmarks of identity - places and sites that mark out identity in the homelands of the artists. The locations cover sites from the north-west Kimberley to the Western and Central Deserts.

1)When three brothers Walimpirrnga, Walala and Thomas (Tamlik) Tjapaltjarri came into the settlement of Kiwirrkurra nearly thirty years ago, with their family group of nine people, they were ... [ Read all ]

Exhibition Photos (39)

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Art Fairs

ARTECLASICA CONTEMPORANEA 2012 is organized by The Pictorial Bardon Group located in Valentín Gómez 3071 3rd. floor, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Phone/fax: +54 11 4866-5600 info@arteclasica.com.ar
2. Place, Dates and schedules

ARTECLASICA CONTEMPORANEA 2012 will be held from 3 to 7 MAY, 2012 at Pavilion 5 of the Centro Costa Salguero Convention Center, Salguero St. and Costanera Ave., Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Exhibitions hours: 2 to 10 PM.
Inauguration: May 3, 2012 at 7 PM.


Australian Contemporary Aboriginal Art

The contribution of Contemporary Aboriginal Art in Australia has been of growing significance since the first desert works emerged in 1971. At that time a young school teacher in the remote community of Papunya in Central Australia, keen to see what unique traditional work the Aboriginal children could produce, indirectly discovered that the elder men held a deep knowledge of traditional lore that they were prepared to apply onto painted boards.

The combination of Tingari Creation stories (1) and secret ceremonial songs and dances, r... [ Read all ]

Press Releases

Indigenous Art: A Promising View to the Future

In answer to the frequently asked question, “What will happen to Indigenous art with the passing of the great artistic elders?” Japingka Gallery has mounted two exhibitions which show a promising future through direct lines of artistic lineage.

The exhibition in Japingka’s Gallery1, Heirs and Successors, focuses on renowned elders from the central and western deserts along with their successors, while the exhibition in Gallery2, Namitjira Legacy, shows the strong artistic inheritance from the so-called ‘Hermannsburg School’ led by Australia’s famous Western Arrernte (Aranda) artist, Albert Namatjira.

Heirs and Successors follows the lineage through to the next generations of artists who are carrying on the stories of the significant painters from the canon of the Central Desert Indigenous art movement. The names are great. George Ward Tjungurrayi. Minnie Pwerle. Jimmy Baker. Walangkura Napanangka, Naata Nungarrayi, Ningura Napurrula, Ngoia Pollard.

While traditional stories and iconography are carried through onto the canvases of the next generation of painters... [ Read all ]


Directors: Ian Plunkett & David Wroth

Opening Times

Open 7 days : Mon- Sat 10am- 5:30pm, Sun 12pm to 5pm