•  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
  •  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
  •  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
  •  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
  •  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
30th anniversary
Saatchi Store
Current Exhibition

Jason McCoy Gallery

Jason McCoy Inc. was established in 1982.
The gallery represents an international group of
contemporary artists in painting, drawing, photography,
video, sculpture, and installation.

We seek to provide our artists with a solid podium
that achieves both to best present the individuality
of their oeuvres and to draw attention to the works’
inherent historic and cultural significance.

Working for the long-term development of
our artists’ careers, we publish several catalogues
and brochures each year and assist
with the scholarship of artist monographs.

From the beginning, we have specialized in the
resale of contemporary and selected modern,
international master works of art. The gallery maintains
a historical forum by representing artists estates
and aiding in the formation of foundations.

Since 1989, the gallery has been located in the
Fuller Building in Midtown, New York.

As a longstanding member of the
Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA),
... [ Read all ]

New York

United States
Jason McCoy, Inc. 41 East 57th Street 11th Floor New York, NY 10022 T: 212-319-1996 F: 212-319-
Phone: 212-319-1996
Fax: 212-319-4799
Website: www.jasonmccoyinc.com

Gallery/Dealer Photos (2)

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Artists Represented

Josef Albers
Richard Anuszkiewicz
Alexander Archipenko
Peggy Bates
Kenneth Blom
Norman Bluhm
Constantin Brancusi
James Brooks
Lorenzo Cardi
Johan Christian Dahl
Gene Davis
Friedel Dzubas
Yvonne Estrada
Yun Gee
Sidney Geist
Michael Goldberg
Glenn Goldberg
Adolph Gottlieb
Al Held
Hans Hofmann
Sharon Horvath
Damien Hirst
Terrell James
Frederick Kiesler
Kevin King
Lee Krasner
Nick Lamia
Christiane Löhr
Marci MacGuffie
Sarah Mattes
John McLaughlin
Gregoire Mueller
Martin Mullin
Masayuki Nagare
George Negroponte
Kenneth Noland
Thomas Nozkowski
Isamu Noguchi
Bryan Osburn
Paul Pagk
Charles Pollock
Jackson Pollock
Richard Pousette-Dart
Man Ray
Milton Resnick
Russell Roberts
David Row
Leon Polk Smith
Charles Seliger
Frank Stella
Hedda Sterne
Annelies Strba
Mark di Suvero
Philip Taaffe
Robert Thiele
Gwenn Thomas
Louis Comfort Tiffany
Leslie Wayne
Helen Miranda Wilson
Tamara Zahaykevich
Balint Zsako

Sample Art Work (15)

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Current Exhibitions

70 Years of Abstract Painting – Excerpts
Josef Albers, Richard Anuszkiewicz, Peggy Bates,
Norman Bluhm, Marc Van Cauwenbergh, Giorgio Cavallon,
Cora Cohen, Gene Davis, Joe Fyfe, Al Held, Maxwell Hendler, Sharon Horvath,Terrell James, Martin Kline, Nick Lamia,
Jim Lee, Sarah Mattes, Martin Mullin,
John McLaughlin, Rob Nadeau, Thomas Nozkowski, Paul Pagk, Charles Pollock, Jackson Pollock, Man Ray,
Willy Bo Richardson, Jennifer Riley, Russell Roberts,
Charles Seliger, Leon Polk Smith, Hedda Sterne,
Robert Thiele, Gwenn Thomas, Leslie Wayne, John Zinsser
April 6 – May 20

Forthcoming Exhibitions

Jackson Pollock & Family: American Letters 1927-1947
October 28 – December 16

Gregoire Mueller
September 14 – October 21

Northern Light
June 1 - July 29

Previous Exhibitions

February 9 – March 25, 2011

December 8, 2010 – January 15, 2011

Annelies Strba
October 7 - November 19, 2010

Black & White
July 26 - October 1, 2010

Terrell James: Mooring
May 6 - July 2, 2010

Frederick Kiesler (1890-1965): Off the Wall
March 10 - May 1, 2010

Kenneth Blom
January 21 - March 6, 2010

Rachel Hovnanian: Power & Burden of Beauty
October 29 - December 22, 2009

In Confluence: James Brooks and Giorgio Cavallon
September 10 - October 31, 2009

Masterworks by CĂ©zanne, Hugo, Klee, Kubin, Munch, Pollock, Redon, Turner
Janury 29 - March 28, 2009

Kevin King: Dioramas
December 9, 2008 - January 24, 2009

Martin Kline: Monochrome
October 23 - November 29, 2008

Stephen Greene
September 12-October 18, 2008

Annelies Strba: Selected Works from the NYIMA Series
July 22 - August 15, 2008

Charles Pollock: Stacked Color, Paintings from the 1960s
May 8 - June 14, 2008

Frederick Kiesler: Endless
April 15 - May 3, 2008

Rachel Hovnanian: Preservation of the Narcissus
November 7 - December 22, 2007

Terrell James: Place for Two Stones
Septembe... [ Read all ]

Exhibition Photos (3)

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Art Fairs

ADAA Art Show
Armory Show
Dallas Art Fair

Press Releases

Jason McCoy Gallery is pleased to present After Paradise, a thematic extension of the previous group exhibition Galaxy & Cosmos (December 8, 2010 – January 31, 2011), which explored artists’ takes on transformation and the inter-dependence of all elements.

After Paradise takes this contemplation one step further. Instead of focusing on transitional states, the works assembled here reflect visions of a post-transformative “destination.” Presenting a selection of modern and contemporary examples, the exhibition will feature works by James Brooks, Yvonne Estrada, Sidney Geist, Glenn Goldberg, Arshile Gorky, Damien Hirst, Lee Krasner, Christiane Löhr, Marci MacGuffie, Bryan Osburn, Milton Resnick, David Row, Richard Stankiewicz, Tamara Zahaykevich and Balint Zsako.

Ranging from painting, drawing, to sculpture and installation, all the works on display evoke dreamscapes, be it that their vocabulary is abstract or reflects an ethereal mélange of representational elements. While differing significantly in stylistic approaches and aesthetics, the assembled works make up a cohesive group, which questions what could linger ... [ Read all ]


Jason McCoy: President

Stephen M. Cadwalader: Vice-President

Stephanie B. Simmons: Director

Opening Times

Monday - Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM