•  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
  •  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
  •  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
  •  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
  •  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
30th anniversary
Saatchi Store
Current Exhibition

Lesley Kehoe Galleries

Lesley Kehoe Galleries is internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading dealers in fine and rare Japanese art. With over 25 years’ experience, the Galleries enjoy an unparalleled reputation for quality and professionalism.
The Galleries’ collection is inspired by a celebration of the unique Japanese aesthetic, an aesthetic which is seen to transcend geographic and cultural boundaries. Artists and objects are selected within a curatorial framework that does not acknowledge the distinction between fine art and decorative art/craft. The guiding tenets of this philosophy are conceptual clarity, mastery of technique, originality, beauty – and occasionally, whimsy.
Discernment, tempered by extensive experience, is now used unerringly to introduce the next generation of master artists from both Japan and the Galleries’ home, Australia. The 21st century offers all in the art world exciting new horizons and directions.


Ground Floor, 101 Collins St Melbourne
Phone: 61-3-9671-4311
Fax: 61-3-9671-4123
Website: www.kehoe.com.au

Gallery/Dealer Photos (4)

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Artists Represented

Screens - Maio Motoko

Lacquerware - Unryuan, Shikkokenkyukai, Akabori Ikuhiko, Masashi Tsuji, Hirasawa Kimiyoshi,

Metalwork - Kaneko Toru, Mitsumoto Takeshi, Nakamura Hirotomo, Kise Hiroshi, Oyama Yasuyuki, Shimoyama Hiroyuki

Ceramics - Kondo Takahiro, Miyanaga Tozan III, Kishi Eiko, Kitamura Tsuruyo, Kiyomizu Rokubei, Mihara Ken

Jewelry - Nakano Kaoru

Sample Art Work (5)

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Current Exhibitions

Weaving The Future
The Textile Art of Shumei Kobayashi

In a world created by art legend Soetsu Yanagi, and mentored by a number of Living National Treasures from a variety of practices, a young Shumei Kobayashi discovered a talent for traditional Japanese dyeing practices and a critical intellectual approach to the identity of the artist. Eschewing the traditional Japanese practice of the studio, Shumei is the only practitioner of the 400 year old ‘tsutsugaki’ dyeing process who is master of the entire process from concept to final artwork.
With no stencil, tsutsugaki is the technique of painting directly onto fabric. Master of both silk and hemp dyeing, Shumei’s power as an artist is strongest in his contemporary interpretations of the traditional noren, hanging curtain. His bold designs, often abstracted visions of various ideas of ‘connected-ness’ (weaving), sit as dynamic contrasts to the sensual texture of their background fabric – finely woven linen or thick chunky strands of hemp.
To have a damaged noren is a metaphor for a suspect business reputation and poor business credibility, reflecting the importanc... [ Read all ]

Forthcoming Exhibitions

Shumei Kobayashi - Tsutsugaki Yuzen

Previous Exhibitions

Japanese Cool - Annual Exhibition

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Art Fairs

Art & Antiques Dubai
International Asian Art Fair
International Art & Design Fair

Press Releases

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Many times over the last twelve to fifteen months, I have empathized with Eddy Murphy’s young donkey. The destination seemed elusive, always further away. Older, and supposedly wiser, than Shrek’s companion, I had forgotten about the importance of the journey, of the truism that an ending is another beginning, and a beginning another ending. So while it is obvious that we are at the starting point of a new gallery, the journey, past and future had to be considered.
At the commencement of a new phase in our gallery life and the commencement of a promising Year of the Rabbit in the Oriental zodiac cycle, it seemed appropriate to acknowledge our beginnings. Thus the opening show returns to our roots in historical works of art. In 1983, in humble surrounds, no capital and no clients, this business committed to a specialization in Japanese works of art.
Along the way, the philosophy of Lesley Kehoe Galleries’ approach to art was refined and distilled and is beautifully expressed in the opening quotation from fourteenth century playwright Zeami: Art makes a huge contribution ... [ Read all ]

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Ground Floor, 101 Collins St

The opening of the new gallery represents another milestone in the development of LKG: From ‘The Early Days’ where Japanese treasures (and Lesley’s bassineted children) occupied a modest shop in Camberwell; to ‘Flirting With The City’ at the Flinders Lane apartment and gallery, the introduction of contemporary Japanese works and twice yearly trips to New York for art fairs and exhibitions; and finally, ‘The Starting Point’, a custom designed gallery space for Japanese artworks in one of Melbourne’s best buildings.

Described by one well credentialed arts’ identity as ‘the best gallery space in Melbourne’, the gallery is a unique addition to Australia’s art landscape.

Four major shows per year are planned complemented by shorter exhibitions with art salons, pop-up shops, tea gatherings and sake tastings. The LKG experience is one of discovery, enjoyment and relaxation, stress is left at the door…The NEW door! The gallery has a new entrance in the main Flinders Lane foyer of 101.

Location And Getting There

Ground Floor, 101 Collins St
Please enter from Collins St or Flinders Lane.


Lesley J Kehoe - Director
Trevor G Fleming - Manager
Byron kehoe - Marketing & Design

Opening Times

11-6pm Monday–Friday
12-4pm Saturday