•  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
  •  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
  •  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
  •  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
  •  Installation Shots From: Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
    Pangaea: New Art From Africa And Latin America
30th anniversary
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Current Exhibition

Impressions Gallery

Impressions Gallery is one of the UK's independent leading venues for photography and we show the best of today's photographers.

Our programme engenders wide public debate and the Gallery is dedicated to promoting the understanding, participation and enjoyment of photography to a wide and diverse audience. Our broad and flourishing education programme provides opportunities for education throughout life, from 5 year olds to over 65’s.


United Kingdom
Centenary Square
Phone: 08450-515882
Website: www.impressions-gallery.com

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Artists Represented

Impressions has a particular interest in nurturing and supporting the work and career development of new emerging artists. We have an impressive track record of success.

Current Exhibitions

Clothes For Living and Dying

Margareta Kern

08th Apr - 14th Jun 2009

Clothes for Living and Dying brings together photographs and video works exploring the role that clothing plays in two rites of passage, graduations and funerals, in Kern’s ancestral homeland of Croatia/Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Graduation Dresses depicts young women who have recently graduated from secondary schools in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kern photographed the young women in their homes wearing dresses made by her mother, a professional seamstress. Their dresses are based on images supplied by the young women, found in fashion magazines and on the internet, showing celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Keira Knightly dressed for the red carpet. Two short video works, Coffee/Kafa and Desa reveal the intimate setting of her mother’s home business and the conversations between the women whilst getting their clothes made.

Clothes for Death was inspired by the artist hearing of a relatively unknown custom amongst a number of Croatian and Bosnian-Herzegovinian women, who prepare clothes in which they wish to be buried. Deeply moved, Kern me... [ Read all ]

Forthcoming Exhibitions


Trish Morrissey

26th Jun - 05th Sep 2009

Front brings together three new artworks exploring the beach, family photography and motherhood. This solo show by Trish Morrissey, comprising photographs, video and a sound installation, receives its international premiere at Impressions Gallery.

Front, from which the exhibition takes its name, is a series of large scale colour photographs of very different groups of families and friends at various beaches around Britain and Australia. At first glance they appear to be commonplace holiday snaps from any family album, but on closer inspection, one figure re-appears in every image: that of Morrissey herself in different guises. Working in collaboration with the groups she encounters, Morrissey usurps the mother figure, after whom each image is titled, to explore group identity and the conventions of family photography.

Ideas of Refinement, Principles of Taste is an enigmatic video work made on location in Australia and shows Morrissey picnicking in a grassy setting, apparently idyllic, but disturbingly fly-infested. The title comes from the obituary of Georgiana McCrae,... [ Read all ]

Previous Exhibitions

Jerwood Photography Awards 2008
Group exhibition
27th Jan - 29th Mar 2009
The five 2008 winners of the prestigious national awards for recent UK graduates: Martina Lindqvist, Alice Myers, James Pogson, Kurt Tong, and Nicky Walsh.

Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin
22nd Nov - 18th Jan 2009
Artists Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin create a contemporary take on the Victorian ‘cabinet of curiosities’ in this collection of over eighty photographs made by them over the last three years.

13th Sep - 09th Nov 2008
Thirteen artists from the North take on the challenge of creating a short film limited to a single, locked-off shot. Projected at large scale, their diverse responses exploit the superb detail of HD (high definition video) and explore the tension between the still photograph and the moving image.

Cockroach Diary & other stories
Anna Fox
02nd Jul - 07th Sep 2008
Cockroach Diary and other stories brings together works spanning twenty-five years that convey a compelling sense of both the ordinary and the bizarre in British life. This major exhibition is the first survey show by Anna Fox, on... [ Read all ]

Submission Policy

Contact us for details: enquiries@impressions-gallery.com

Location And Getting There

Located in the heart of Bradford’s city centre, Impressions Gallery is in Centenary Square, opposite City Hall. We’re on the first floor, behind the Big Screen. The entrance is located at the Godwin Street end of the building.

Impressions Gallery
Centenary Square

Tel: 08450 515882

See our website for further details: http://www.impressions-gallery.com/planning_your_visit/index.php


Anne McNeill, Director

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