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Press Release
December 19,2008
Contact:Sheila Cohen

"Coming Attractions"
a group show...
January 9-February 2009
Friday, January 9,2009, 6-8pm
Eckhard Etzold Michael Ferris Jr. Mars-1 Sarah Ratchye
Gordon Henderson Lordan Bunch Laurel Connell Olive Ayhens
Dan Keith Alex Luke Megan Wolf Robert Hardgrave
David Choong Lee Lucho Pozo Dan Nicoletta Christina Empedocles
Martha Sue Harris Jacqueline Cooper
Bucheon is pleased to announce the first show of 2009, with artists that we've been working with for over a decade like New York painter Eckhard Etzold and SF based artist Lucho Pozo and to introduce new artists that we have recently become acquainted with like Alex Luke, Christina Empedocles and Megan Wolf. There also will be artists like Michael Ferris, Jr., Robert Hardgrave whose work we have admired for a long time. The show will open Friday, January 9, from 6-8pm and run through February 2009.
There will be paintings, drawings, photography and mixed media with an emphasis on narrative work. Each artist will be presenting examples of new ideas that will be representative of their latest body of work. The show will hopefully be like going to the movies, settling in and getting to see the best coming attractions for some great films.
Included, Mario Martinez aka Mars1 has moved away recently from painting on panels and has quickened his pace with new explorations with gouache and acrylic on paper. They continue to be inventive, surreal like landscapes with rich color and details.
Eckhard Etzold continues to work with the computer to enhance and invent new imagery for his delicately airbrushed paintings. Gordon Henderson, Michael Ferris, Jr. Megan Wolf all love the directness of drawing with very different results ranging from hyper realism to satirical narratives.
Photographer Dan Nicoletta who was involved with the recent Sean Penn film, "Milk" will show a memorable photograph of Harvey Milk.

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