Forthcoming Exhibitions - Weston Park

September 2014 - Linda Stanyer

In September we welcome Shrewsbury based artist Linda Stanyer for a selling exhibition of her recent works. Her compositions themselves are not to be viewed as literal but more as feelings expressed using different mediums, from thick oils to watercolours. Her work is bold, abstract and holds a certain texture that brings it to life. Linda utilises colour and shape along with this aspect to create a connection for you to feel. Linda is a self-taught artist whose inspiration includes greats such as Rothko, Picasso and Miro.

October 2014 - Amanda Challoner

Throughout October, Amanda Challoner will be showing her animal themed paintings and drawings. Based in Nantwich, Amanda has taken inspiration from the dairy farm that she grew up on in Cheshire. From local clubs, she also gained an interest in equestrian sports such as racing and polo that is also echoed in her work.

Amanda is very adept with the medium of acrylic paint on canvas, applying high levels of detail to her work. More recently she has been developing her watercolour technique to create an essence of speed, sometimes using just one tone per picture but with carrying transparency to create a three dimensional effect.

November 2014 - Dea Paradisos

Dea Paradisos will be exhibiting her exciting mixed media work throughout November. Taking inspiration from subject matters including the history of derelict buildings, Dea creates bold and emotive images. Most recently, Dea has been producing a series of works based on the Flaxmill in Ditherington, Shrewsbury, which is the first iron framed building in the world and is soon to be re-developed. Some of her work from this project will form part of the exhibition at Weston Park. In addition, Dea hopes to be producing some images which relate to the history of Weston Park’s Granary, which was built in 1767 and unused up until its restoration and conversion in 2009, to form what we have on offer today.

December 2014 - Philip Huckin

Philip Huckin returns to the Granary Art Gallery in December to exhibit a selection of his highly detailed landscape drawings and paintings, many of which are based on the Welsh countryside. His attention to colour and clarity are clearly shown in his paintings. The use of light and shadow, along with the ability to illustrate depth with varying tones and foreground and background create uplifting images for any home.

January 2015 - The Graduate Show

Weston Park will be hosting its third Graduate Show. Arts students and graduates from across will be invited to submit work into this exhibition, in order to contribute to a diverse and exciting show. Please visit the Weston Park website for further details on how to get involved.

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